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Acclivus Youth Mentorship

This initiative is a full service youth development program that uses a wide range of personal development activities: mentorship, educational tours, sports, and health education as tools to teach young men about life and becoming a man. This program will use mentorship, educational tours, sports, and health education as a way to teach pro-social communication, build character, and teach responsibilities and roles. Through our program, young men develop life skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.  Program staff will include tutors to assess where participants are academically, so as to direct them to succeed in the classroom. Acclivus understands that education is the gateway to opportunity.


With this initiative, Acclivus will be strategically engaging high school aged students in local public schools. These schools serve primarily students who are in need of personal development and are impacted by significant risk factors for involvement in violence, including exposure to violence & conflict in their homes & community, and high rates of poverty. Acclivus will organize various complimentary initiatives around youth development: 1) mentorship 2) educational tours 3) sports, 4) health education. These initiatives will target the greater south suburbs of Chicago/southside. Acclivus anticipates serving 100 youth annually.


The program will provide hands-on conflict resolution workshops and on-going mentorship. Core curriculum will teach etiquette and effective communication with their peers and adults. As participants move through the program, they will be offered access to paid and unpaid internships. Program participants will have the opportunity to learn firsthand from entrepreneurs and/or start on the path of their career choice through one of the various internships offered. Overall this program aims to combine unique experiences as both instruction and entertainment, through mentorship, educational tours, sports, and health education to empower and develop outstanding young men that will have a positive impact on society.

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